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New Patients at Integrated Healthcare Centers

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Before your first visit, fill out the intake form we emailed you. Come wearing comfortable clothing, as you won’t sweat, but you will be moving.

Your First Visit

As soon as you come in, we’ll take you to the doctor for your initial consultation. We’ll go over your medical history and talk with you to learn more about what brought you in to see us. Your goal is our goal, so we’ll work together to make a plan of how we can achieve exactly what you’re looking for. If we can’t meet your needs here, we’ll refer you to the appropriate specialist.

If we’re confident we’re the right fit for you, we’ll do a full orthopedic and functional examination that tests everything from the joints and muscles to your alignment and range of motion. We want to see how your body works as a whole and note any restricted movement. If you need imaging, we can give you a same-day referral for X-rays or an MRI appointment within two weeks—half the time it normally takes to schedule.

From there, we’ll talk with you about what’s causing your pain and what therapies we can use to meet those needs. We won’t wait another day to start providing care; we want to get you pain relief fast. We usually start with basic chiropractic care and light physical therapy, then advance to other methods of care as we see progress.

The first visit generally takes an hour, since we allow plenty of time for dialogue and questions. After that, regular appointments last 30-45 minutes.

Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered

Our front desk staff will go over financial information with you during your first appointment. We’re in-network for most insurances. The doctor will talk you through any cash-related service, such as AllCore 360, lasers, and decompression, one-on-one so you don’t face any surprises later.

Tell Us How We Can Help

At Integrated Healthcare Centers, we’re precise and personalized in our care, with quality that makes a difference. Book an appointment today to get started with healing.
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