AllCore 360

Train Your Core to Maintain Wellness

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At Integrated Healthcare Centers, we offer more than cycles of pain relief followed by relapse. No matter where you’re starting out, we are confident that you’re capable of achieving and maintaining long-term wellness. To get there, you need strong core muscles to hold everything exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Our South Riding location is the only clinic in Chantilly that provides the AllCore 360, a revolutionary core training machine that effortlessly strengthens your core in 10 minutes per session. This one-of-a-kind machine challenges the core progressively over time. It trains your core (abdominals, lower back, middle back, chest, and neck muscles) while you simply sit and maintain your posture—and that’s it! Exercise never felt so easy.

Dynamic Toning for a Solid Core

The core is the center of the body, and it’s just as central to maintaining good posture and overall wellness. A healthy core is in a constant state of tone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To help it heal—or keep it trained—it’s essential to build and activate the muscles regularly.

The AllCore 360 does that by engaging more than 50 core muscles with isometric contractions to stimulate and strengthen the body in 360 degrees. This no-impact therapy positively impacts core stability, balance, and coordination, improving your posture and endurance.

Strengthening for Every Level of Fitness

This machine is adjustable to multiple degrees of difficulty, allowing for recovery or training at any level. We’ll gauge your current level of fitness and inch you up to increasing strength from there.

We call the AllCore 360 the “no brainer core trainer” because you can’t mess it up. We’ll customize the settings to your body’s needs, and all you have to do is participate. You’ll be amazed at how different you begin to feel and move as you build up muscles you never knew you had, but you desperately needed.



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