Corrective Pain Relief with Functional Diagnostic Testing (FDT)

Are you dealing with pain that you cannot seem to get rid of? Are you unable to get back to your job or activity you love? Have you tried traditional chiropractic and physical therapy with little to no results? Are you looking for answers as to the source of your pain? We are here to help you find that answer.

Our clinic focuses on a more precise diagnosis of your problem long before we recommend any treatment or referral. Dr. Verma is an expert in the field of sports medicine and orthopedics giving him insight into proper diagnostics and assessment not commonly performed by general chiropractors. Our Functional Diagnostic Tests (FDT) allows us to find the source and cause of your pain symptoms. These specialized tests consist of biomechanical movements and orthopedic/neurological tests that accurately narrow down to the source of the pain. Whether it is a muscle, joint, bone, ligament, nerve, or a combination of problems causing the pain, we aim to find the actual source. In addition, our office not only reviews X-Ray and MRI reports, we interpret the images ourselves to determine any visible issues.

Many of those in pain are given general information with no actual answers as to what could have caused or is causing the current pain. They are given general medications, generic exercises, basic adjustments, and improper advice for their specific case. Most are sent for X-Rays, MRIs, or other scans and never are properly tested after taking those films to correlate their findings. Simply looking at films is not a comprehensive way to solve chronic pain. There are many other factors that have to be considered that can only be done on a one on one basis.

Our goal is to get you pain free fast without long term commitments. The majority of our clients are feeling better in just a few visits and learn the proper exercise to keep them well afterwards. We assess and test you on each and every visit to show your progress. There is no one size fits all treatment as each visit is unique according to your findings. Do not let pain stop you from living your life. Seek treatment quickly and know that you can and will live pain free.

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