Shoulder and Rotator Cuff

The shoulder is a complex joint and the most flexible joint of the body. The shoulder joint is the union of three bones, the humerus (arm bone), scapula (shoulder blade), and the clavicle (collar bone). The joint is commonly thought of as a single one but is actually a combination of two separate joints, the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints. The two joints work together to allow for a full range of motion of the shoulder freely around its axis. The surrounding tissue is composed of muscles and ligaments as well as cartilage that allows for strength and stability of the joint. In particular, the rotator cuff muscles come off of the shoulder blade and attach to the head of the humerus. This allows initial movement of the shoulder and prevents dislocation. Rotator cuff and shoulder injuries can occur for a variety of reasons including trauma, overuse, and wear and tear from arthritis.

The rotator cuff is most often blamed for pain that is occurring in the shoulder and has become the go-to choice of blame by most doctors. However, this is very short sighted as the rotator cuff can be injured or worn down but is not the pain generator. There are many cases that have undergone rotator cuff therapy or surgery with poor outcomes due to the lack of diagnostic work up. In other words, the shoulder joint should be examined first before assigning the blame to those small muscles. Compensating muscle and tendon pain is typically the initiator of the pain itself if it is a chronic.

Shoulder Adjustment Therapy

The best response for shoulder and most joint injuries, is to re-establish proper motion of the joint as quickly as possible. This means reducing the pain generator, relaxing compensating muscles, and rehabilitating the surrounding structures around the joint. This can be accomplished via chiropractic and physical therapy combined. The evidence showing that using these two modalities of treatment can create successful outcomes to help the patient avoid surgery.

Cold laser therapy is another form of treatment that can reduce inflammation and pain to the joint without any negative side effects. Lasers stimulate microcirculation to the area without any heat or electrical impulse which in turn improves the healing factors to the joint and muscles of the area.If you are dealing with chronic recurring shoulder issues, consider treating the issue with conservative care first. At Integrated Healthcare Centers, we get results in less time and educate you for long lasting relief.

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