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man with severe low back painYou can live with a degenerative disc—but you can’t live with the severe pain it often causes. Degenerative disc disease refers to the faster aging of a disc as its jelly starts to compress, break down, or tear. Unaddressed, it may become nonfunctional and stiff so that it can’t cushion your bones properly, making movement painful.

Rehydrating Discs Naturally

Degeneration is a natural part of aging. This breakdown becomes problematic when it starts causing pain. If you wake up with a stiff or aching back, that’s likely a sign of degenerative disc disease, which we can verify with an MRI.

We use a cyclical pumping pattern on our nonsurgical decompression table to gently stretch your spine. Instead of holding the stretch, it will pull and release once every 10 or 20 seconds. As it pumps the disc, fluid rushes back in.

You may only gain back half a millimeter, but half a millimeter in the body is like a mile. As we rehydrate the disc, swelling and inflammation go down, putting a stop to pain.

Bringing You Back to Stability

We’ll combine decompression with our AllCore 360 to stabilize the disc and the muscles around it. Chiropractic can then move the bones around the disc and increase your mobility. We’ll also apply our laser to jump-start healing in the cartilage of the disc.

Everything we do at Integrated Healthcare Centers is to stimulate a healing response. To help an injury improve, you have to first stimulate it so new blood flow will come in and heal the area.

Helping Patients Avoid Surgery

One patient ignored her bulging disc until it led to five degenerative discs. She was in so much pain that we couldn’t decompress her spine. After six months of laser and cyclical decompression, she’s moving and continuing to improve. She’s happy to have avoided surgery and be doing what she loves again.

Bring Your Body Back to Health

Don’t wait for pain to get worse before you take care of your body. Schedule an appointment today to improve your health naturally.
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