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Bulging and Herniated Discs in Chantilly

ruptured discAt Integrated Healthcare Centers, we help restore bulging and herniated discs to get you out of pain and back in action. Simply put, discs are like jelly donuts that cushion the bones of the spine to make movements fluid, instead of jerky or robotic.

Bulging discs happen when inactivity, injury, or aging causes the jelly material to bulge from one corner or sometimes centrally. If unaddressed, they can lead to a larger bulge and tear to the disc, called a herniation. This more severe condition can compress the nerve, causing symptoms like sciatica, shooting pain down the arms or legs, numbness, and weakness.

Using a Gentle Stretch to Heal

You don’t need to worry that we’ll try to “pop” a disc back into place—that doesn’t work! Discs are like pumps that suction fluid in and out. Our safe, nonsurgical decompression table puts a gentle pull into your spine. This movement is so light that many patients don’t feel it happening.

Decompression causes a vacuum effect, pulling the bulge in toward the center and releasing pressure from the nerve. Once the disc is back in place and you’re stable again, we can adjust around it or use a laser to help heal the disc.

Helping the Body Heal From Within

Our high-intensity Class 4 laser was designed to penetrate up to six inches deep. Laser works through a process called micro-cellular stimulation, which increases blood flow at the cellular level. By helping cells work better, respond faster, and produce more energy, it causes a massive healing response from the inside out. Unlike conventional cold lasers, Class 4 lasers are stronger and cause a greater stimulation of blood flow to the injured area.

We Don’t Want to See You Over and Over

After a lifting injury, one patient was told by his neurosurgeon that he needed surgery at the age of 27. After 12 weeks in our care, the neurosurgeon confirmed the disc was back to neutral. We never saw him again; he’s now back to playing sports.

Our goal is to get you better with our technology and chiropractic, then teach you how to stay better so you only need us now and then.

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