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About Integrated Healthcare Centers

Many Approaches to Care—One Great Clinic

From the moment Integrated Healthcare Centers opened in 2017, it wasn’t just another chiropractic clinic. We always had a vision for more: a comprehensive wellness facility that approached rehab from every angle. By combining state-of-the-art technology with chiropractic care, sports medicine, and orthopedics, we knew we could replace bandage pain relief with thorough, long-lasting wellness. We knew we could change people’s lives.

Meeting the Need for Complete Rehabilitation

Our founder, Dr. Vishal K. Verma, grew up, went to school, and started his first practice in Northern Virginia. After that, his experience at integrative health clinics in California and Las Vegas exposed him to effective strategies and revolutionary technologies that patients weren’t getting in Virginia. He knew that people in Chantilly were looking for something beyond basic chiropractic, so he moved home to start a comprehensive health center.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve expanded from one clinic to two, with locations in Chantilly and Ashburn. We’ve updated our practice with new technologies, like the AllCore 360. We offer the most comprehensive care in our region to give you definitive results.
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When You’re Low on Hope, We Offer Help

When patients can’t find an answer anywhere else, they come to us. One woman with a herniated disc screamed in pain every time she moved. Her doctor said she needed surgery no matter what. We had to be creative in offering care, since even basic touch hurt her too much. Through no-touch therapies, we got her moving and out of pain so that surgery is now optional. Her doctor refers clients to us now after seeing results he didn’t expect.

Another patient had extreme scoliosis other chiropractors couldn’t help. We customized every session to what she needed on that particular day. Now you can visibly see the change in her spine. We keep working with patients until we see them moving fluidly, pain free and carefree.

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At Integrated Healthcare Centers, we don’t just talk about healing; we deliver. Reach out to learn how we can change your health story.

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